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These pages contain material which may be offensive to some readers. If you 1) subscribe to the 3 (or is it 4?) spiritual laws, or 2) believe that the Bible was essentially written by God, or 3) send money to the 700 Club, or 4) enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh, or 5) get really irritated by things which fall outside of your definition of orthodoxy, or 6) believe that the topic of religion has no room for humor...

Yea, if you identify with any or all of the above, then you may not wish to continue any further. If you find yourself falling into one of the above categories and want to avoid being offended, click here to go somewhere more sensible.

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If the above doesn't really describe you, or if it does but you're just dying to find one more thing which confirms your suspicions about the complete disintegration of all that is right and true in our world, please proceed.

The above doesn't describe me. Take me to the World of Mennonot.

The above does describe me, but I want to confirm my suspicions. I will not hold Mennonot liable for any elevation in my blood pressure.

Welcome to the World of MENNONOT

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Menno Lisa

Menno Lisa

Many people have asked us: "When will Mennonot get hip and get on the Web?" Well, here we are -- on the Web that is -- the hip part is a bit more subjective. This is a brand new medium for us, so we're learning and experimenting as we go. You will see this site change and evolve as time goes along. As we now envision it, this web site is a complement to, not a replacement of, our ever-popular subscription- and paper-based 'zine. You will find stuff in the 'zine that you won't see here, but rarely vice versa.  And this site will always lag several issues behind the 'zine, so if you want to stay current you must subscribe.

Additionally, and we won't let our Menno humility keep us from coming right out and saying it, we view these W3 pages as a marketing tool for the subscription-based 'zine.   The long and the short of it is that you really need to subscribe the the 'zine, so help us out and send us your hard-earned money -- dollars well spent for good humor, insightful articles, and a fresh and unofficial look at all things Mennonite.

So help us out and spread the word.  Tell your on-line friends to point their browsers our direction.